Tuesday, November 08, 2005

rants and votes

Okay, I realize I'm new to blogging, but why why why is Blogger not uploading my photos!!?? I keep getting an error message with no explanation as to WHY.... *sigh*

I voted this morning, though I almost didn't. I drove to the elementary school polling place and drove in slow circles around the parking lot (probably creeping out the teachers inside) to try to determine the voting entrance. There are 3 building and about 9 different entrances. I almost gave up and then I saw tiny little 8 inch flags stuck in the ground along one of the entrances. I followed the flags and did my patriotic duty. They expect turnout in Ohio to be around 47%. That actually seems high to me, for a non-presidential election. How sad is it that 47% in "THE" democracy of the world is considered a great turnout? Did YOU vote today??


  1. same thing happened to me last night. i think they must have been having a glitch (which they definitely have now and then).

  2. Much to your dismay, I did indeed vote...

  3. chandra9:49 PM

    yup i voted... none of shwartzashithead's props past! yay!