Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My aching heart...

Ugghhhhh.... I just found out late last night that my brother's beautiful
black lab, Roxy, is very sick and will probably not make it more than a
few more weeks. She's lived 10 wonderful years, and yet it's gone by so
fast and my heart is just aching for her. I wish I could say goodbye and
give her kisses... she always knew me right away and would be so so
so soooo sad when she knew I was leaving again. She loves to play
with my socks and I'd always find them scattered around their house.
Roxy also likes pulling socks off a person's feet and I was always
amazed how she would pull them off BABIES (my neice and nephews)
sooooooo gently.... Such a sweet, wonderful, loyal dog. I hope she
goes peacefully... I hope she feels my love. Damn it, why is it that
sometimes animals seem to mean more to us than people?? And after
all the crying I did last night, how is it possible that more tears are
coming now?? I guess I should go drink some water...
I love you, Roxy!!
See more photos of Roxy, from 1996 through 2004 at:

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