Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wha--? (there's more)

I emailed the link about black hockey players to my co-worker... and he replied, with this link:

*sigh* I look forward to pointing out to him that physical abilities are different from "fear of water"....


I'm sort of in shock right now. I don't even know how to talk about this except to just share what happened. I just had a conversation with an executive co-worker that went like this...

(about a character on the show LOST...):
"It couldn't have been his hot air balloon, because black people don't like heights."
They don't like water, either. They're afraid of water.
(chin hits desk on way to floor...) What are you talking about?
They don't like ice either. That's why they don't live in cold places.
(head spinning) Ok, stop.
Or play hockey.
uhm, we're not having this conversation.
But it's true!! Have you ever seen a black player in professional hockey?
You've got to be kidding me.
They don't play hockey, because they're afraid that if the ice melts, they'll drown.

I swear to God... this was a real conversation. And he wasn't joking. OHMYGOD. I live in Ohio. I feel like I need a shower. NOTE: Of course, there are plenty of great black athletes in professional Hockey. Check it out if you're thinking that was a sane conversation...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Whew!! My Blog is all fixed! Thanks to the Blogger Help Group on Google's message boards! An image on my "Countdown" post was too wide and threw off the formatting. I've replaced it with a smaller - and actually more relevant - image. Now I can go back to worrying about more important things...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Touching tennis story

Ok, I read Dilbert's Daily Blog because it almost always makes me laugh out loud. Well today, it really touched me and I had nice warm-and-fuzzy tears in my eyes at the end. It's about Tennis. It's about James Blake (I had never heard of him) and Roger Federer (I am now a huge fan). Read it to the end, and I promise you'll be inspired.

("Winning" dated 3/24)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I broke my Blog and I can't get up

Not sure what's going on, but the right-side menu with links, etc, is all messed up. Argh... Anyone know why?? I don't think I did anything to the template. *sigh*

Anya's Public Service Announcement...
If you ever need a laugh and you've ever had a job or read the paper or you know, been outside, you'll get some good giggles reading the DILBERT BLOG. I had to close my office door today because I wanted to laugh out loud... His most recent 5-6 posts are just hilarious! Trust me. Read them.

1,095 days

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary to Peter....
I love you, Peter!!!
Here's to 77 more years!



Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello Knees

It's amazing how we take things for granted... like our body parts that we usually are not at all aware of.

Over the weekend, I had yet another ungraceful display of ankle twisting, sprawling to the ground action last weekend... and now I am once again familiar with my knees. Hello knees. What is this, the 30th time I've sponaneously sprained my ankle while standing or walking on a completely flat and safe surface? *sigh* Do I need to start using a cane? Wearing a splint? Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Lift little weights with my feet to make my ankle muscles stronger? That's probably the best bet to reduce the number of ridiculous falls.

This one on Saturday was particularly embarrasing. I really ate it... my right ankle (it's always the right one) just gave out and I went flying forward... landing and skidding on my knees and palms. I had my reading glasses in my hand (no case) because we were headed to the movies after a stop at the bar, and they got nice and scratched across the lenses. I turned myself around to a sitting position and didn't move for about 5 minutes. People were walking by me without comment, and my friend who was with me looked confused and sympathetic and wanted to help me up. Were I not an adult on a public sidewalk, I would have just started bawling... Body parts were hurting... I could feel my knees bleeding, and I couldn't decide yet whether my ankle would be walkable. And finally I got up because we were late meeting up with our friends inside the bar (10 feet away, on the other side of the floor-length window through which they could all watch my sprawl).

Overall, not a huge catastrophe, I know. But it was a sucky way to start a fun night out. I was painfully aware of my minor injuries throughout the evening, despite the 8-9 drinks I consumed to dull the sting. Dancing was out, but I did attempt a game of pool.

Now I kinda wish I had it on film... I'm sure it was hilarious to see... ; )

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Our trip to New York City... we saw a Broadway revival and we were revived by the city... It's hard to see in this small picture, but the sunlight was just sparkling all over that white building in the middle... like magic!
Peter and I were in New York City last weekend, primarily to see the new revival of SWEENEY TODD on Broadway, but also to see old friends and soak up the energy of the city we both love. I'll post separately about the show, because it was an incredible theatre experience and deserving of its own post...
Our first night in town, we were delighted to meet up with our former landlords at a small cafe. We adore this couple and their love for eachother and for life and adventure inspires us. We feel like their adopted children (no offense to our own families, of course!)

I still get terrified and sick riding in taxis, but I love seeing them in the streets!

On our last day, we visited my old favorite little hole in the wall mexican restaurant... 879-TACO. It's under new ownership, so I didn't see my "boys", but the menu was the same and am still giddy when I think about my Nachos with the Works... perfection! And how's this for karmic significance... the star light in the window is the same as the one that was in our home when we bought it! : ) mmmm... nachos!
And, here's the lamp in my house...

We also went by my old apartment on E. 68th Street... those were good times...

Our lovely accomodations were my friend Vik's apartment. I've always loved the feel of her place... warm, open, and creative.

It was a bit of a bummer to come home again, but Sammi was pretty happy to see us. I wouldn't want to move back at this point, but it's a part of me and I need my NYC-fix from time to time... I'm just happy to know it's THERE.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cars (3), Anya (0)

Ok, something about my vibe seems to cause malfunctions in the cars I drive. After a hectic morning trying to get out the door at home, I actually became trapped inside my car for a good 40 minutes. Yes, it was just as pathetic as it sounds. No, I didn't have to be rescued by the jaws of life, but any attempt to open my door, would trigger the car alarm and I and all the nice people parked around me (sadly all old people in handicapped spots) got to enjoy BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA for 30 seconds. Loud honking. It's not nice honking. Now THIS would be nice honking:

Somehow the key buttons were setting the alarm, but failing to lock the driver-side door. So naturally, I'd open it... trying to "reset" the system. It would be too convoluded to try to explain exactly what happened, and in my deaf and panicked mind, I'm no longer too sharp with the details either. Suffice it to say I WAS LOCKED IN MY CAR FOR 40 MINUTES. Go ahead... it's okay... laugh at me...

*sigh* Another reason to miss Manhattan...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You smoke. You die.

Ok, this post started as a response to my friend's Blog post today (3/1), but instead I've deemed it worthy of my own post because it's something I feel so passionately incredulous about. (ooh, fun words!)

I can't believe I'm actually sort of "defending" smokers here, but I would say my friend John is an exception in that he was able to quit so easily. For most people, it's extremely extremely difficult and nearly impossible without help. I've known people who have WATCHED THEIR LOVED ONE DIE a painful death for months... and they still smoke. I don't get it either. I can't imagine being so weak and so stupid that I would keep smoking with all that we know about it today. Perhaps people who seemingly quit smoking easily are actually transferring their "addiction" to something else? I don't necessarily mean something negative or destructive, but just SOMETHING that can consume them in a similar way or be an outlet.

What is truly incredible to me is that if cigarettes were invented TODAY, there's no way in hell they would EVER be made legal. They are toxic, they are poison. They cause cancer in the user AND IN EVERYONE ELSE AROUND THEM. No way would it be approved today. But it's still legal because everyone's addicted AND of course... it brings in billions of dollars to tobacco companies, the federal government, and the health insurance companies, the cancer drug companies, the cancer specialists, etc.

I mean, god forbid we prevent all these illnesses... the country will slip into an economic depression!

(and then people will want cigarettes again...)

Ah, the sweet cycle of stupidity.

Employers are now able to compell their "at will" employees to quit smoking or be fired. On a moral/emotional level, I say "good riddance!" and go for it. But I don't know what the exact legalities are, and it confuses me. Because for instance, if they can justify firing smokers because they cost the company money in health care and lost time/wages if they get sick... then how come that same logic doesn't apply to say... pregnancy? Or eating lunch at McDonald's everyday? Or not exercising for 10 years? Each of those actions are choices made by the employee and each can impact cost to the company.

It's a fuzzy line because I'm all for personal freedoms and if you want to trash your body, I don't care as long as it doesn't effect me. But higher insurance costs do affect me. Higher taxes (for such stupid things) affect me. My thinking would actually be that companies should be able to refuse healthcare plans for smokers. Let smokers (or smoking spouses) get their own individual insurance. Then it won't cost the employer or the other employees via higher rates across the company.

But really, politicians need to stand up and ultimately BAN smoking all-together. Someday we'll be ashamed it was legal as long as it's been.

Here's a fun little story... A colleague here at work told me that his 11 year old son came home from school last week and got right up in his face and said "YOU SMOKE. YOU DIE!" And he said "What?" and the kid kept repeating it... "YOU SMOKE. YOU DIE!" Apparently, he'd had a health lesson about smoking at school that day and wanted to convince his Dad to quit. This brought me to tears. It really did. And I said to the guy "Please go home tonight and THANK your son for saying it and tell him to KEEP saying it until you quit". He told me he once quit for an entire year, and then eventually started up again. If his son's pleas can't motivate him to stop, I don't know what can. Just wait until the poor kid learns about second-hand smoke.