Sunday, November 27, 2005

The point of the Holidays?

Christmas is supposed to be peaceful and relaxing, right? Full of love and warm-fuzzies and memories that make you smile years later. Pretty lights and Christmas trees and warm drinks and chocolates... That's how they are in the movies, and that's how I remember *most* Christmases from my childhood. Now I'm realizing, however, that it's a very sadistic holiday! As adults, there is so much to DO before Christmas that by the time it's here, we're too frazzled to really enjoy it. I've already addressed the envelopes of my Christmas cards for 2005... there are over 90 of them. I feel like there are only liek 10 people I talk to regularly, so who the hell are these other 80 people? But I feel compelled to do it, even though most of them will never write back. And then... there's gifts. Thank you cards (have you bought yours yet?). Travel plans to be made. Vacation days to be arranged at work. Pets to be boarded. Snow to be shoveled. Presents to be WRAPPED. Presents to be shipped as if you are UPS-central. Don't get me wrong... I love everyone in my life dearly, but... how are we all supposed to be rejuvinated in January if we're just coming off the maddness of December? Possible New Years Resolution: Buy Christmas presents in July. Write Holiday Cards in September. Seriously. Think how much more FUN December would be if it were all done! *sigh*
I thought these pictures were funny... like the holidays are sideways and too big...

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