Thursday, November 17, 2005

And snow tops it off

I've had a terrible week. In the grand scheme of life, it's not really that bad, but it's just been incredibly frustrating. On Tuesday, I had a business meeting in the middle of the day, and was on my way back to the office when... my car died. Thank god I was at a stop sign about to join traffic on a very busy main road, and I was able to wave cars around me and sit on this side-street. If it had happened 20 seconds later, I would have been much more panicked. Four hours later I was driving home from my dealership in a "loaner" car (and a very nice one at that! An Infinity G35). I managed to get the car to a service station, and drove in the tow truck to get it 23 miles away up to my dealership. The tow truck driver broke one of my headlights, but he was nice about it and they'll fix it for me (it was the last of my concerns at that point). It became clear that I was going to miss a big meeting at my office, so that was adding to my frustration. The driver was a neat guy -- he seemed a little "slow", but he was very talkative -- proceeded to tell me about his failed marriages and how his 1st wife arrested him for beating her (but of course it wasn't really his fault). Then he asked about my husband and my marriage... and where we live. Gah! I never actually felt threatened, but it was awkward, to say the least, especially since my mind was racing with so many bigger concerns. When we got to the dealership, they jokingly asked if I just wanted to buy a new car. Uhm, yeah, thanks... not really looking for humor right now!! And they offered me a lollypop, which was just CRUEL since I'm on day 10 of the South Beach Diet and cannot eat sugar. *sigh* That's a story for another day. So, it's been 2 days, and they have no idea what's wrong with my car... the problem has not repeated and the software records in the car show nothing of interest.

Yesterday my back started spasming and by the time I was driving home from work, I couldn't do it without groaning every few minutes... how pathetic is that?!?!

This morning we woke up to 20-degrees and snowing. It's pretty, but I'm not ready for it and it just seems like the world is laughing AT me right now. Hopefully today will be a better day...

(And to everyone who smokes, please joing the Great American Smokeout and STOP today!)

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