Friday, April 21, 2006

Magnificent demons

I love this image!
NEW YORKER Magazine art in their review for Broadway's revival of SWEENEY TODD.

The cast of the show... This is truly one of the most incredible theatre experiences I've ever had. We went to see it in March because Patti LuPone is starring, and left feeling transformed. It's a very unique production -- with the cast of 10 also acting as the orchestra and stage hands. They have no conductor, every note and movement is memorized and critical, and each person is on-stage and *involved* every second of the show. It's a an ensemble in the purest sense and they all produce magic. The show is dark and complex and the intimacy of this production makes it all the more powerful... you feel part of it -- you feel complicit somehow. Michael Cerveris is mesmerizing...

If you get to New York City... see SWEENEY TODD... it will surely walk away with a bucket-full of Tony Awards in June...

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