Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm in love

I haven't posted in awhile... I've been distracted by the new love in my life... TiVo.

Yes, we finally got one and it's amazing... and it's especially amazing with our new Sony 50" LCD projector TV. I admit I have a TV addiction and my racing around to record multiple shows on our 2 VCRs was getting insane. There were VHS tapes everywhere. Precious time was being wasted. With TiVo, those shows will be recorded and I do nothing. I do nothing but live my life and work in the garden and enjoy time with Peter and Sammi... and I can watch when I want, with no stress. It's a lovely concept. But it's one I'll have to get used to. Last night I was up until 2:00 AM because... hey, there were shows Tivo had recorded for me that I could watch. I finally realized... they're not going anywhere, I can go sleep!

And after all the rebates, Tivo is only costing us about $9/month for the next 2 years. Not bad for major peace of mind. The TV, well, that's a different story - but man is it beautiful. We HAD to buy a new one because our old, 300 lb tube just DIED one morning. So, we upgraded. And the cool surprise is that this TV is somehow magic... we get an additional 40 digital channels that we don't pay for! Very nice. The downside is that we can't get those channels via VCR or TiVo, so we won't be able to record The Daily Show, but thank goodness we'll be able to watch it again.

So, that's been my life lately. Oh, and gardening... we chopped down another big tree in our yard.
It was needed, but the birds are all very upset about it. It was a favorite hang-out and even seemed to be a big "dating & mating hotspot" and we even had doves nesting in it last Summer. I'll miss seeing the birds jumping around our deck... Hopefully we can plant a new tree that they'll like.

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