Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

Easter hasn't meant much to me for years because I haven't formally celebrated it since I left home for college. I usually forget it's on the calendar until I see chocolate eggs and furry bunny things for sale at the grocery store. But I have wonderful memories of Easter from when I was a child. We always went to my Oma's house in Pacific Palisades. She was living then with a man she was working for, as a live-in caregiver. He'd been wounded in a war (WWII?) and had lost his legs. We all just called him "The Mister". I felt very special when I'd be allowed in on their Dominoes games. Anyway, Easter was always at that house with the big yard and the pool... and every year that I can remember, we would see wild bunnies hopping around the yard on Easter. And ONLY on Easter. I really believed it was magic... (not the same kind of magic that gives our TV the 40+ secret HD channels)

Sammi actually caught a baby bunny a few days ago... Peter was home and heard the "screaming"... ugh. He got Sammi out from under the deck, but we don't know what happened to the bunny, or if it's still alive. I'm hoping it survived at least long enough to get out from under our deck... ewwww.

And now we've also discovered that we have hedghogs living under the deck... lovely. We have to get rid of them though -- they're dangerous for Sammi and they could cause lots of problems in the yard and even to the house... ugh.

In honor of rabbits everywhere... HAPPY EASTER!

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