Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Our trip to New York City... we saw a Broadway revival and we were revived by the city... It's hard to see in this small picture, but the sunlight was just sparkling all over that white building in the middle... like magic!
Peter and I were in New York City last weekend, primarily to see the new revival of SWEENEY TODD on Broadway, but also to see old friends and soak up the energy of the city we both love. I'll post separately about the show, because it was an incredible theatre experience and deserving of its own post...
Our first night in town, we were delighted to meet up with our former landlords at a small cafe. We adore this couple and their love for eachother and for life and adventure inspires us. We feel like their adopted children (no offense to our own families, of course!)

I still get terrified and sick riding in taxis, but I love seeing them in the streets!

On our last day, we visited my old favorite little hole in the wall mexican restaurant... 879-TACO. It's under new ownership, so I didn't see my "boys", but the menu was the same and am still giddy when I think about my Nachos with the Works... perfection! And how's this for karmic significance... the star light in the window is the same as the one that was in our home when we bought it! : ) mmmm... nachos!
And, here's the lamp in my house...

We also went by my old apartment on E. 68th Street... those were good times...

Our lovely accomodations were my friend Vik's apartment. I've always loved the feel of her place... warm, open, and creative.

It was a bit of a bummer to come home again, but Sammi was pretty happy to see us. I wouldn't want to move back at this point, but it's a part of me and I need my NYC-fix from time to time... I'm just happy to know it's THERE.

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