Friday, March 03, 2006

Cars (3), Anya (0)

Ok, something about my vibe seems to cause malfunctions in the cars I drive. After a hectic morning trying to get out the door at home, I actually became trapped inside my car for a good 40 minutes. Yes, it was just as pathetic as it sounds. No, I didn't have to be rescued by the jaws of life, but any attempt to open my door, would trigger the car alarm and I and all the nice people parked around me (sadly all old people in handicapped spots) got to enjoy BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BA for 30 seconds. Loud honking. It's not nice honking. Now THIS would be nice honking:

Somehow the key buttons were setting the alarm, but failing to lock the driver-side door. So naturally, I'd open it... trying to "reset" the system. It would be too convoluded to try to explain exactly what happened, and in my deaf and panicked mind, I'm no longer too sharp with the details either. Suffice it to say I WAS LOCKED IN MY CAR FOR 40 MINUTES. Go ahead... it's okay... laugh at me...

*sigh* Another reason to miss Manhattan...


  1. I'd just like to point out that ducks don't honk... ;)

    Want honking? Come hang out at my house when the geese are on our side of the lake. Which is, I believe, always.

    Geese are what God invented flame throwers for.

  2. Ok, yes, technically you're correct (but be nice - I was having a bad day!). And we actually have geese here too... they fly over our house and drive Sammi crazy. They also end up dead all over the roads in our area... not a pretty sight, especially after 30 days and 10,000 cars have gone by.