Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hello Knees

It's amazing how we take things for granted... like our body parts that we usually are not at all aware of.

Over the weekend, I had yet another ungraceful display of ankle twisting, sprawling to the ground action last weekend... and now I am once again familiar with my knees. Hello knees. What is this, the 30th time I've sponaneously sprained my ankle while standing or walking on a completely flat and safe surface? *sigh* Do I need to start using a cane? Wearing a splint? Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Lift little weights with my feet to make my ankle muscles stronger? That's probably the best bet to reduce the number of ridiculous falls.

This one on Saturday was particularly embarrasing. I really ate it... my right ankle (it's always the right one) just gave out and I went flying forward... landing and skidding on my knees and palms. I had my reading glasses in my hand (no case) because we were headed to the movies after a stop at the bar, and they got nice and scratched across the lenses. I turned myself around to a sitting position and didn't move for about 5 minutes. People were walking by me without comment, and my friend who was with me looked confused and sympathetic and wanted to help me up. Were I not an adult on a public sidewalk, I would have just started bawling... Body parts were hurting... I could feel my knees bleeding, and I couldn't decide yet whether my ankle would be walkable. And finally I got up because we were late meeting up with our friends inside the bar (10 feet away, on the other side of the floor-length window through which they could all watch my sprawl).

Overall, not a huge catastrophe, I know. But it was a sucky way to start a fun night out. I was painfully aware of my minor injuries throughout the evening, despite the 8-9 drinks I consumed to dull the sting. Dancing was out, but I did attempt a game of pool.

Now I kinda wish I had it on film... I'm sure it was hilarious to see... ; )

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