Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ice out to get me

Yesterday was not a fun day. It's like the weather was conspiring against me. We woke up to a snow-covered yard... which was actually very pretty and the first time in awhile we've had snow that stayed on the ground.

Our street had not been plowed or salted when I left for work and as I approached the stop sign at the intersection... my car wouldn't stop. I pushed the brake as far and hard as I could... while the car inched forward, creeping into the intersection. I look to my left and see a big yellow school bus heading towards me... Gah! Miraculously, the car did finally come to a stop, about 2 feet into the road. In my rear view mirror, I see another car approaching.... "please let him stop, so he doesn't ram me into this bus!" I survived, obviously. Later it occurred to me that I hadn't thought of a few things... like pulling the parking brake, or ... at what point should I be bailing out of the car and running away? I thought of those stories of people stuck on train tracks, frozen in fear, and they die because they don't think to get out of their car. Later my car did it's lurching thing again and I panicked the whole way to work thinking it would stall on me again.

Flash-forward to the evening. I come home after the gym and take Sammi on a quick walk around the neighborhood. It's really cold out, but I'm still warm from my workout. Sammi is so excited to be outside and she's tugging me along... until I hit an icy patch on the sidewalk... and BOOM I'm on the ground. Ouch! I felt like an idiot, I felt mad at Sammi, and I hurt. : ( I muttered obscenities as I limped my way back home. Took a long, hot shower and sat down on the couch for the rest of the night.

Today it's in the low 50's (bizarre turn of weather), so I'm hoping for a better day...

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  1. My poor love... I love you!