Saturday, October 08, 2005

Backyard dangers

Little Sammi likes to run into the "woods" near our neighbors yard and fantasize about catching rabbits and squirrels. Well, she came back inside today limping and bleeding from her toe... We couldn't really tell how serious it was, so within 10 minutes we were in the vet's office. She was SUCH a good girl, letting us carry her and holding her in the car. The vet's office was very busy on this Saturday morning, so she was anxious about all the people and other dogs around. Ultimately, she's fine... she snagged her nail on something (trying to climb a tree maybe?) and nearly pulled it out. Ouch! She's on antibiotics and pain meds, and we're giving her all kinds of special attention. Of course, we'll be calling her "Miss Limpy" for at least a week...

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