Thursday, December 01, 2005

Giving Thanks

A few days ago, I complained heartily about the stressed of the Holiday season, so I thought I should interject here that I DO enjoy the holidays and my family immensely. Maybe that's where some of the stress comes from... wanting those perfect moments. This past weekend, Peter and I spent a wonderful couple of days in Chicago at his sister's (my dearest friend's) home. We woke up every morning to a little curly-haired blond child smiling in our doorway and telling us stories. It's amazing how many adventures a child can have before 8:00 AM. It's a little sad that as we get older we'd rather sleep away those morning hours. These girls have the most amazing playroom you've ever seen, complete with a stage, puppet-theatre, art tables, and little secret rooms and areas for private adventures with their dolls and toys. Colorful, creative, and fun... I wish I had a room like that!

Thanksgiving was at Peter's mom's home and it was just lovely. The food was delicious and we sat around and drank wine, listened to music, and just enjoyed eachother's company. Her apartment is like a mini art gallery and so there is something beautiful and interesting to look at in every direction. And it's also the home of our kitty-cats, Circe and Calypso. They're doing great and seem very happy in their Chicago condo. They have a deck on which to play and lounge in the sun, and they have a home full of great crevices and places to climb and hide and snuggle. And of course, their new mommy just loves them, so they are very lucky girls. It was great to see them so happy again and bonding as the sister they are.

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